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Home Heating Oil

A reliable, convenient home heating solution

If it's freezing cold outside, you shouldn't have to be shivering in your own home! Keep your family safe, comfortable and warm with quality home heating products from Columbia Fuels.  

Did you know that modern oil (from stove oil and furnace oil) is a clear, rose-tinted liquid that produces heat more safely and efficiently than ever before? Just like water, heating oil will actually extinguish a lit match that comes in contact with it. It is also cleaner-burning with less particulate emissions.* If you invest in modern, space-saving appliances, these designs offer robust containment protection and options such as high-efficiency heat performance. 

At Columbia Fuels, we have the right home heating oil products for you. Our customers count on us to install, service and maintain a variety of home heating oil products such as:

For greater peace of mind, we also offer full equipment service plans for all your home comfort products. The Columbia Fuels Comfort Service Plan includes labour and replacement of certain parts, an annual tune-up and an emergency service.  

If you do not want a full service plan, annual tune-ups are still recommended.

*Source: Canadian Oil Heat Association,