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Urban? Rural? Remote? We'll deliver to any location.

Columbia Fuels is a petroleum distribution leader that is dedicated to delivering top-quality fuel, lubricants and equipment to businesses of any size (e.g. transport, construction, agriculture, commercial real estate, forestry, fishing, mining industries, and more). No matter how rural or remote you are, we’re happy to deliver what you need, when you need it.

Business excellence begins with service excellence.

We are dedicated to ensuring you feel valued as a customer and receive great service—every time. We strive to ensure our products are in stock when you need them, service options meet your needs, and onsite deliveries are prompt and reliable. With branches located across BC, Columbia Fuels has the resources to support businesses just like you.

Our multiple supply and distribution sources are there for your business.

Columbia Fuels is a division of Parkland Corporation, Canada's largest national independent operator of retail and commercial/industrial fuels. This relationship gives us greater access to multiple supply and distribution sources, expanded delivery fleets, and a larger number of customer-focused, service-driven employees. Our focus on safety is an important value we share with our customers. You can count on us to be here when you need us.

We’re BC’s largest branded distributor of bulk fuel and lubricants.

Columbia Fuels is BC’s largest branded distributor of bulk fuel, a proud Shell Lubricants Master Certified Distributor and a Phillips 66 Lubricants Marketer. We carry the finest brands in the industry: Shell Rotella®, Shell Gadus, Shell Spirax, Phillips 66 Shield® Valor, Phillips 66 Shield® Defense, Phillips 66 Guardol and a full portfolio of Shell and Phillips 66 industrial oils and greases. Columbia Fuels is also pleased to provide Ridgeline™, an exclusive brand of lubricants available at select locations across Western Canada. Ridgeline motor oil products are API licensed heavy duty engine oils, also offering AW hydraulic fluids, universal tractor fluid and bar and chain oils.

We look forward to hearing from you.

How can we help you drive your business performance to new heights? Whether you need advice, have questions, or want to know more about our products or services, Columbia Fuels wants to hear from you.


High-quality products, delivered when and where you need them.



Ultra low-sulphur diesel fuel

Take advantage of our onsite delivery service: we’ll bring ultra low-sulphur diesel fuel (i.e. ultra low-sulphur diesel oil) for construction vehicles, fishing vessels, road transport vehicles and more right to your location. Learn more

Dyed diesel fuel

Dyed diesel fuel (i.e. dyed diesel oil or off-road diesel) is a cost-effective solution for clients who do not use their vehicles on highways. Oil and gas, mining, agriculture, silviculture and fishing industries, to name a few, can take advantage of this option.  Learn more




Columbia Fuels now delivers propane on Vancouver Island to the agricultural sector and local businesses and home. Learn More




Are you a business that has onsite fuel storage facilities, such as a construction or car rental company?  Columbia Fuels is the largest branded distributor of Shell bulk fuel in BC—and we’re ready to meet your bulk gasoline needs through our convenient onsite delivery service. Learn More




As a Shell lubricants Master Certified Distributor and a Phillips 66 Marketer, and as one of the exclusive distributors of Ridgeline™ lubricants, Columbia Fuels has a full portfolio of packaged and bulk lubricants, oils and greases that are renowned for their top quality.
Learn More


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Furnace Oil

Canadian businesses of all sizes—including retailers, restaurants, office complexes, hotels, multi-residential buildings and more—rely on Columbia Fuels to supply competitively-priced furnace oil delivered with reliable, attentive service.

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Aviation Fuel

When you need specialized, higher quality fuels designed for use in aircraft, you can get top-quality avgas (aviation gasoline) and Jet A aviation fuel from Columbia Fuels. 

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Columbia Fuels is a petroleum distribution leader that delivers top-quality fuellubricants, propane and equipment to businesses of every size. Its premium products and dedication to service excellence are benefiting the construction, transport, forestry, agriculture, mining, fishing, commercial real estate and other industries.

Columbia Fuels became a division of Parkland Corporation in 2009. This relationship has resulted in expanded access to supply, larger delivery fleets and a greater number of trained, knowledgeable customer service teams with access to technical experts.

You can review all your invoices and usage history in your Columbia Fuels Client Space. This online account is available 24/7 from any computer or tablet, allowing you the convenience of managing all your accounts and information in one place.

Our fuel meets the strict quality standards of the Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB). We are also in compliance with low temperature flow pour point and cloud point specifications to ensure optimal fuel performance even in the most extreme winter conditions. 

Yes, eBilling is still available for customers who wish to receive an email alert that the next bill is available.

To sign up on Client Space for the first time, have a copy of your statement on hand and your civic address number.

Form 430 is a revised government document that must be completed and signed by all marked fuel customers who purchase marked fuel through our cardlocks or in an amount greater than 45 litres. This form is effective July 1, 2015 but can be submitted up until September 30, 2015 and is required by the provincial government. This form update is simple to complete and can be mailed or scanned to the address below or hand delivered to one of our drivers.
Mailing Address: 2669 Wilfert Road, Victoria BC V9B 5Z3
e-mail address: [email protected]
You can find this updated form here.