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You and your family deserve comfort, quality and convenience—so you can relax and enjoy your home, no matter what the weather is like outside. As a home heating expert of choice, Columbia Fuels goes beyond offering heating oil and propane products. We deliver cost-effective, efficient and reliable whole home heating solutions that offer greater peace of mind and quality of life.

We're here for you at every stop of the way: Selection. Purchase. Delivery. Installation. Maintenance. Servicing... How can we help?

Choosing which heating products are right for you and your family isn't always easy. Let our skilled professionals walk you through your maze of choices and help you make informed decisions.

Our commitment to an exceptional customer experience doesn't end there: we install and maintain top-quality home heating equipment and also provide automatic delivery. Our convenient payment and financing options can help you plan and manage your home heating budget through the year. For added security, an emergency service is available for all our customers.


Our commitment: ensuring your experience as a customer is memorable for all the right reasons.

At Columbia Fuels, we value our customers and have dedicated experts on hand to install and maintain top-quality, reliable home heating equipment. We offer convenient services such as a secure e-billing for paperless statements, order fuel onlinebudget payment plans and emergency service.

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*Coverage of products, services and promotions may differ in certain areas. Certain conditions apply.


The minimum fuel delivery amount is 250 litres (300 litres for tanks larger than 620L) for stove oil and 300 litres for furnace oil.

There is absolutely no cost! Columbia Fuels offers this service free of charge. Our energy management system will estimate when and how frequently you will require a delivery based on variables such as the past consumption amounts, the size of your home and weather conditions. Relax and leave the estimates to us!

To schedule a home heating oil delivery, fill out the Order Fuel Online Form or contact your local Columbia Fuels branch location.

To schedule a service appointment, contact your local Columbia Fuels branch location or fill out the Contact Us Form online.

You can quickly and conveniently view and pay your bill online using the Columbia Fuels Client Space. To register on Client Space for the first time, make sure you have a copy of your statement on hand and click here to register today!

To open a new home heating oil account, click here to fill out an online application. The information will be submitted to a local Columbia Fuels sales representative who will contact you to open the account.

The Columbia Fuels Budget Billing Service is a great way to manage your monthly oil bills. The monthly payment is calculated by estimating your total yearly cost and dividing it by the number of payments you’ll be making during the budget season. By equalizing your payments, it helps you plan and manage your home heating budget.

To close your account or to make changes to your existing account, please contact the Columbia Fuels branch location nearest you.

You may be eligible for this Program if you are a:
  • Canadian Armed Forces Member or Veteran (including dependents)
  • Civilian DND or NPF Employee
  • RCMP Member
Eligible customers can save up to 4 cents per litre* off the regular delivered price of home heating oil or propane and you could also qualify for an additional rebate based on all your home heating oil purchases.

Complete the Online Referral Form to receive further information about the service and the terms and conditions of the Program in your area. Once your eligibility is confirmed, one of our home heating experts will help you select a plan that meets your needs.

Yes, eBilling is still available for customers who wish to receive an email alert whenever your next bill is ready.

To sign up on Client Space for the first time, make sure you have a copy of your statement so you can provide your:
  • Account Number
  • Reference Number
  • Reference Date

Contact your local branch for current promotions.