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Keep your business running smoothly with quality lubricants

As the largest branded distributor of Shell lubricants in BC, Columbia Fuels carries a full range of high-performance, synthetic lubricating oils and greases that will help keep your business running smoothly:

Commercial and industrial lubricants

Engineered by world class technical experts, Shell’s lubricants are trusted for their quality and performance. As an exclusive Shell Lubricants Alliance Distributor, Columbia Fuels carries top-selling brands such as Shell Gadus, Shell Spirax, Shell Rotella®, Shell Corena, Shell Morlina, Shell Diala, Shell Omala, Shell Tellus, Shell Tonna, Shell Mysella, and Shell Turbo.

Transport—heavy-duty engine oils

For over 40 years, Shell Rotella® heavy duty engine oils have delivered superior performance and protection. Shell Rotella® T Triple Protection® is engineered to protect against wear and tear, the build-up of deposits and increased emissions. Shell Rotella® T5 Synthetic Blend Technology was developed for greater fuel economy. Shell Rotella® T6 Full Synthetic offers excellent high/low temperature protection.

Aviation and marine lubricants

Columbia Fuels is an AeroShell Distributor of Shell aviation lubricants. We are also a domestic and international marine port distributor of Shell marine lubricants.

Automotive—passenger car motor oils

Columbia Fuels offers full-service lubricant solutions to the automotive industry, including but not limited to oil change facilities, quick lube shops, independent garages and full-service auto repair shops. Our top-quality products include Shell Ecobox™, Pennzoil® and Quaker State®.

Lubricants—product and performance audits, resources and support

At Columbia Fuels, we are dedicated to providing you with a full-service experience. We begin by ensuring our top-quality lubricants are available when you need them and we also offer the convenience of an onsite delivery service. Our account representatives are there for you. If they can't immediately assist, they will quickly escalate more complex questions and issues to dedicated technical lubricant experts. Here are other ways that we deliver a full-service experience:

Columbia Fuels Competitive Oil Analysis

When you need an oil analysis, we use an independent third-party laboratory so that you're assured of unbiased results. Once you receive a comprehensive overview of the condition of your lubricant, you can make informed decisions about how to optimize your equipment performance. Our oil monitoring service is a great choice for transport, on and off-road equipment and most industrial applications. It includes:

  • Lubricant condition monitoring
  • Equipment condition monitoring
  • Online data management
  • Diagnosis, interpretation and recommendations

The Columbia Fuels Competitive Oil Analysis offers many benefits. Our service will help you:

  • Identify and repair equipment before repairs become critical (and costly). The information can be used to determine when it's best to schedule planned and preventative maintenance.
  • Reduce downtime due to equipment breakage or malfunction (i.e. smoother business operations). The result is greater protection, durability and extended oil drain potential.
  • Benefit from top-quality lubricants that perform well and have long service lives whether operating conditions are normal or harsh.
Columbia Fuels Onsite Lubricant Audits, Site Assessments and Technical Support

At Columbia Fuels, our staff have the knowledge and training to provide in-house and field-based technical support. Our lubricant specialists can be asked to:

  • Confirm whether the right lubricant is being used for each application
  • Advise on best practices and opportunities for improvement
  • Recommend how to maximize component life
  • Recommend how to increase the reliability of equipment
  • Explain ways to reduce maintenance costs
Our Resources Are Your Resources

Our customers have access to various online resources, such as:

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