Professional Furnace and Duct Cleaning:

Be warm without the fuzzies and breathe easier. Learn more about the air you breathe...

Furnace Maintenance:

Let us tune up your furnace to keep it safe and running at optimal performance. More about a regular tune-up

Customer Service Plan:

Great value and peace-of-mind annual tune-up plus 24 hour emergency service with most parts and labour included. Yes, parts and labour included! You will never be left out in the cold. Tell me about the plan with the most value

Oil Tank Inspections:

Did you know it is a requirement of the B139-09 Federal Code for Oil Burning Equipment for homeowners to have their tank inspected annually? Columbia Fuels is the only company who offers this service to residential customers on Vancouver Island. Reduce the potential of a costly leak and potential environmental damage by having your tanks inspected annually by one of our friendly equipment specialists. Contact us.