The right products for the home

Columbia Fuels has been searching for and testing innovative heating oil products and services since 1993 and we are proud to offer the following great choices that will help save the environment, save you money and give you added peace of mind.

Automatic Delivery Program

The Automatic Delivery program allows us to service you better. Our customers’ use the automatic delivery program because it is convenient: they don’t have to worry about running out of oil or keeping track of how much fuel is left in their tank. The automatic delivery program also offers some exclusive benefits:

  • Approved credit*
  • Equalized Payment plans - pay for fuel with low monthly payments through the year*
  • Decreased service costs -Keeping you tank full is better for both the tank and whole system

How do we know when you’ll need fuel? First, we monitor the average daily temperature in your area every day and use that to determine whether the need for heat is higher or lower as the days proceed. Second, we fill your tank with each delivery and maintain a record how much fuel you’ve used. Third, we check historic consumption records to see if we’ve served the home in the past.

*Some restrictions apply

Equalized Payment Program

Columbia Fuels offers a convenient Equalized Payment Program designed to make paying your home heating bill much easier on your wallet.Our Equalized Payment option allows you to make equal payments throughout the year rather than paying for the fuel upon delivery.

Furnaces and Hot Water Tanks

As the largest heating oil company on Vancouver Island, Columbia Fuels has a team of experts and equipment you can count on to make heating your home easy and worry-free. We sell, install and maintain oil furnaces and hot water tanks to ensure you always have heat when you need it. Find out more here!

Corrosion-Proof Oil Storage Tanks

Columbia Fuels is committed to selling, installing and servicing high quality, corrosion-resistant storage tanks. Therefore, to protect our environment and your property, we have made the decision to implement a company-wide policy to only sell non-corrosive heating oil tanks. We have taken this step to ensure the best, safest tanks on the market today are available to you.

Columbia Fuels is proud to offer our customers one of the most innovative tanks available on the market today; Roth Tanks. Roth Tanks exceed the most recent industry safety regulations in Canada. Each Roth Tank is pressure tested to ensure the tank is completely sealed. The innovative inner tank – outer tank design and industry leading warranty and insurance plan will give you added peace of mind knowing that your heating oil is safely stored away. To learn more about Roth Tanks, please visit

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