Product Partners & Resource Links

Product Partners

Shell Canada: Columbia Fuels' fuel and lubricant supplier
Petro Canada: Columbia Fuels’ fuel supplier
Chevron Canada: Columbia Fuels’ supplier of fuel and lubricants
Roth Tanks: Columbia Fuels’ supplier of double-walled oil storage tanks
Bradford White: Columbia Fuels’ supplier of oil hot water heaters
Sinclair Supply Ltd: Columbia Fuels’ supplier of heating products and furnaces

Resource Links

Natural Resources Canada: Office of Energy Efficiency

National Oil Heat Research Alliance Educational and resource source for oil heat matters.

National Biodiesel Board: The most comprehensive biodiesel information source on the web.

BioFleet: Western Canada biodiesel market development program.

Canadian Renewable Fuels Association:Industry association representing biodiesel and ethanol in Canada.

BC Carbon Tax Effective July 1, 2012

ProductPrevious Carbon Tax RateCarbon Tax Rate Effective July 1, 2012
Gasoline5.56¢ per litre6.67¢ per litre
Diesel6.39¢ per litre7.67¢ per litre
Heating Oil6.39¢ per litre7.67¢ per litre
Stove Oil6.39¢ per litre7.67¢ per litre
Propane3.85¢ per litre4.62¢ per litre
Jet Fuel6.53¢ per litre7.83¢ per litre
Aviation Fuel6.15¢ per litre7.38¢ per litre
*The carbon tax is not charged on lubricant products.