Behind the heat

This is where we like to share a few of the things that may help you with oil-heat, tell you about the latest news and maybe even share some ideas.

Ways to SAVE

We are happy to offer you many ways to reduce your oil consumption. It may sound strange that we really truly want to help you spend less money with us, but we are not here for the short term and know that we can earn your business for many more years to come if we can share our knowledge and look to how we can better serve you and our community.

Eight Ideas to save you money:

  1. Use Eco-Ultra fuel: it is our most advanced heating oil. Eco-Ultra is designed to prevent the formation of soot, which helps to keep your heating system cleaner compared to standard heating oil. A cleaner heating system means improved burning efficiency and reduced fuel consumption. Eco-Ultra does cost 3.5 cent per litre more but it saves you between 5% - 12% in consumption.
  2. Consider upgrading your oil furnace to a high efficiency oil furnace. Many people are using furnaces that operate at efficiency levels of about 60% while today’s new oil furnaces operate in the area of 84% efficiency. If you currently spend $2,000 per year to heat your home, a 24% increase in efficiency will save you $480.00 per year.
  3. Change the air filter on the furnace regularly. A dirty filter means that the furnace has to work harder to push air through the filter – using more fuel to heat your home.
  4. Get the furnace turned. This will keep your furnace clean and working at optimal performance, which means using less fuel. Columbia Fuels Furnace Protection Plans will help you stay warm worry-free.
  5. Use our Equalized Payment Program. Balance out small monthly payments throughout the year and do it interest free.
  6. Use our automatic delivery program. The Automatic Delivery product allows us to service you better, and automatic delivery customers are exclusively entitled to coupons for $100 dollars off per year! Minimum volume requirements apply.
  7. Take advantage of our promotions and specials. Contact one of our friendly customer service associates today to learn more. Some restrictions apply.

Dip charts

Many people want to know how much fuel they have in their tank so we have developed a set of charts that cover some of the many different types and sizes of fuel tanks in BC. Hopefully our dip charts will help you to safely check you fuel level and know how much you have inside.

Payment options

We have so many different payment options and so many different ways to save. The best way for us to serve you is for our heating advisor to come and see you at your home and discuss the most appropriate products, service, ways to save and payment options with you. Here is a list of some of the ways to pay and some of the discount options that may be available to you.