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Columbia Fuels Expands!

Columbia Fuels is proud to welcome our new customers located on the Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley and BC’s central interior! We are extremely excited to take Columbia Fuels across the water to the rest of British Columbia with branches in Burnaby, Kamloops and Williams Lake.

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You will see some changes to the Columbia Fuels website to accommodate our new operations and customers coming soon. Columbia Fuels is also taking this opportunity to introduce a new commercial logo, see below. This logo will be used on the commercial side of our business including cardlock, bulk fuels and lubricants customers. If you are a commercial customer, look for our new logo on your invoices and statements starting in March.

Columbia Fuels Commercial Logo

What’s the story behind our expansion? Columbia Fuels is one of many brands in the Parkland Fuel Corporation family, and as part of that family, the time has come to rebrand one of our other companies, United Petroleum Products (UPP). As of March 1, 2012 United Petroleum Products will become Columbia Fuels.

Our new Columbia Fuels customers will continue to enjoy the same great products and services with no interruption to their deliveries. Each legacy UPP customer has been sent an informative brochure outlining what this rebrand means to them.

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For our Vancouver Island, Sunshine Coast and Bella Coola customers nothing will change. You will continue to receive the same products and services all with excellent, local customer service.

To all our new customers: Welcome to the Columbia Fuels Family!! We look forward to serving you soon!

BC Carbon Tax Increase July 1, 2012

On July 1, 2012 the BC carbon tax rate will increase. The BC carbon tax, which was implemented by the Province of BC in July 2008, applies to the purchase or use of fossil fuels within the province. Columbia Fuels will adjust the carbon tax rate charged to our customers. Please see the table below to find the new carbon tax rates that will be implemented on July 1, 2012.

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ProductPrevious Carbon Tax RateCarbon Tax Rate Effective July 1, 2012
Gasoline5.56¢ per litre6.67¢ per litre
Diesel6.39¢ per litre7.67¢ per litre
Heating Oil6.39¢ per litre7.67¢ per litre
Stove Oil6.39¢ per litre7.67¢ per litre
Propane3.85¢ per litre4.62¢ per litre
Jet Fuel6.53¢ per litre7.83¢ per litre
Aviation Fuel6.15¢ per litre7.38¢ per litre
*The carbon tax is not charged on lubricant products.

The September Residential Newsletter

Please note the following correction to the Columbia Fuels September Residential Newsletter: The date for redeeming coupons or earning bonus AIR MILES® is mistakenly stated as August 31, 2011; it should read August 31, 2012. Sorry for the typo!

Columbia Fuels Introduces Shell Thermo Eco-Ultra™

Columbia Fuels has recently introduced Shell Thermo Eco-Ultra™ to our residential customers. To find out more about this innovative product, simply click this link: Questions Answered Regarding Columbia Fuels’ Newest Offering: Shell Thermo Eco-Ultra™.

The BC Carbon Tax Set To Increase

On July 1, 2011 the Province of British Columbia will be increasing the Carbon Tax rate. Fuel purchased in BC is currently charged the Carbon Tax and is subject to this increase.

Please CLICK HERE to see the current Carbon Tax rates and the Carbon Tax rates as of July 1, 2011.

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500 Bonus AIR MILES® reward miles On All New Furnace Purchases!

Is it time to replace your aging furnace? If so, the timing couldn’t be better as Columbia Fuels is now offering a bonus 500 AIR MILES® reward miles on all new furnace purchases from now until June 30, 2011. You must be a new or existing Columbia Fuels customer to take advantage of this great offer. If you’re not currently a Columbia customer, simply sign-up for a residential account and you too can take advantage of our bonus AIR MILES® offer.

Offer not available in Bella Coola.

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