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The right products for your home

We serve Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands, Powell River, Sechelt and Bella Coola

Columbia Fuels is dedicated to the best service and unique products that serve our customers better.

We are proud of our innovative culture that has led to the development of unique products that set us apart from our competitors. It is that competition that has led us to try harder and reach higher in the pursuit of excellence. Competition still exists within the heating oil industry unlike the electricity or natural gas markets. This is great for you as the consumer and helps make heating oil a great choice on the West Coast of Canada.

Our aim is to provide you with the best service every time, to provide as much value as possible and to do everything we can to reduce your worries about home heating and your effect on our environment.

Furnaces and boilers: We trust in some great brand name furnaces and boilers because the more reliable we can make your system, the better. We come out in person to assess your size up your home and recommend the most appropriate system for your needs. We service all systems to ensure that they continue to give you the best efficiencies throughout the year. What is at the heart of making you feel cozy

Hot Water Tanks: We are your oil-fired hot water tank specialists. Rent or purchase, you will be in hot water before you know it. Get in to some good hot water

Oil Tanks: We sell, install, protect and even monitor oil tanks. When your insurance company says you need to replace your oil tank, we have alternatives for you that may save you that expense. Keep your fuel right where you want it

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Service and maintenance: This is a big part of our commitment to serving you better than our competitors. Keeping your system running at optimum performance is crucial in not only keeping you warm but also in saving you money. Our burner mechanics are highly trained in getting the most from your furnace while using as little fuel as possible. When you trust Columbia Fuels for both product and services, you can rest assured that you are getting the best value your heating system can deliver. Tell me what is best left to the professionals

Earning your trust

Columbia Fuels has staff available to take your fuel order, help with an emergency or answer your questions. In addition to all of our fine products, we offer a variety of services to extend the life of your equipment and provide safe and comfortable heating experiences.

Professional Furnace and Duct Cleaning:
Be warm and breathe easier. Learn more about the air you breathe...

Furnace Maintenance: let us tune up your furnace to keep it safe and at its peak performance level. More about a regular tune-up

Comfort Service Plan: Great value and peace-of-mind annual tune-up plus 24 hour emergency service with most part and labour included. You will never be left out in the cold. Tell me about the plan with the most value

Heating Advisors: Imagine a company that still did house calls thats us! This is one of the things that really makes this company great. heating advisors that are available to come to your home, look at your heating system and make numerous recommendations on how you can save money and enjoy greater peace-of-mind. You do not have to become an expert about heating oil, thats our job. This is a no-charge service aimed at giving you the most that we have to offer. Contact Us