At Columbia Fuels, our job is to stay on top of the needs of B.C.’s businesses. We know you’re always looking for ways to improve, keep your costs under control and grow. We would like to support the growth of your business in the future and believe that our quality, innovative fuel and lube products, competitive pricing and unique services combine to help give us an advantage in providing you the best service in the industry.

Commercial Cardlock

We have the largest cardlock network on Vancouver Island plus sites on the Sunshine Coast, the lower mainland and BC’s southern & central interior. Our cardlock locations are always open and easily accessible for larger commercial vehicles. The sites offer a wide range of products including diesel, gas and even propane and lubricant warehouses at some locations. Click here to find your nearest cardlock location.

Onsite Refueling

For some businesses, it makes more sense to your bottom line to have Columbia Fuels come and fuel your vehicles and equipment once you’ve finished up for the day – leaving you prepared to get right back at the job first thing in the morning. Our Onsite Refueling Program may be an answer for your business.

Bulk Fuels

The extensive Columbia Fuels delivery fleet specializes in remote, on-site delivery of diesel, gasoline, marked product as well as bulk and packaged lubricants. Click here to find out more about our bulk fuel delivery.

Lubricants & Hydraulics

We are proud to offer our lubricant customers high quality Shell and ConocoPhillps lubricants. Columbia Fuels delivers both packaged and bulk lubricants throughout Vancouver Island, the Sunshine Coast, the lower mainland and the central/southern interior. Want to pick up your packaged lubricants? No problem, several of our cardlock locations also have a lubricant warehouse. Click here to find see our lubricant warehouse locations..

Aviation Fuels

We offer a full range of specialized aviation products and services featuring Shell aviation products. Aviation products are available for pick-up or delivery.